Our Vision

OVERSEAS (S) SECURITY & PRIVATE INVESTIGATION PTE LTD (OSSPI) believes that the present security situation is one of the greatest uncertainties the world is facing. Its vulnerability is best seen in the acts of terrorists (such as Al Qaeda movement and the Jemaah Islamiah Militants) in New York, London, Bali and some other parts of the world while we have been spared the onslaught of carnages and ravages in Singapore, prevention and pre-emptive preparations remain the best defence in the fight against terrorism. A similar level of high vigilance must also be maintained against crime and for the protection of life and property. In view of these threats, we firmly believe that our scope of business will have a share of growth in the economy of Singapore in particular and in the world economy as a whole.

Our Objective

The single-minded objective of OSSPI is to commit our full resources to assist our national defence forces in the crime prevention efforts and the protection of life and property of our people in Singapore against all odds. The company believes that it is in a position to assist the security industry leaders to upgrade the level of professionalism and service of the security offices in Singapore through the process of lifelong and perpetual training of its security officers.